5 Ways to Practice Your Writing Skills

Have you ever thought about how much writing developed for past years? Centuries ago only the smartest, the most educated people could be great writers. Writing and reading was a privilege only for best of the best. And now? Now, these skills are so common that nobody really thinks about it as something big and extraordinary as they used to be in the past. Nowadays writing is the way of communication and expressing yourself just as important as speaking. In view of this fact I would like to present you 5 ways to practice your writing skills.  

When you come into a bookshop or a library, there is no way for you to not see how many books were published for past years. You are attacked by the more and less popular titles, which, no matter how much you would want to, you are not able to read even if you would spend your whole life doing this. There are thousands of books published every week. It is a very impressing number in view of the fact how unusual they were in the past. How did it happen?


Importance of the writing skills grew up so incredibly because of the phenomenon of the internet. In this online world, writing became the main way of communication between people. It was the very first step to develop these abilities. What was the next one? The possibility of creation. The first blogs started showing up. People treated them as parts of themselves for a bigger public, no matter if it was a diary, group of articles about cooking or a novel. And it started spreading. Have you seen the amount of the stories on Wattpad or FanFiction.net? There are tons of them! Nowadays everybody wants to share ideas from their heads with others in different forms. And what language is better to do it than English? Writing in English we have got the biggest chance to reach the wide public and show our creation to as many people as possible. I want to help you achieve your goal, so here are the exercises to practice your writing skills.

5 Ways to Practice Your Writing Skills
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“Once upon a time there was a great big kingdom ruled by King Ron the Benevolent. The people of the kingdom loved him with all their hearts. Because of him, their lives were calm, happy and prosperous. No one felt unwanted or unhappy.

But the sad truth is the people don’t live forever and our beloved King Ron was old. He was weaker day by day and everybody knew his end is coming. The only question was, which one of his five sons become his successor? It all depended on King Ron’s decision and he had the perfect idea how to choose the new King.


Finishing a story is a great way to encourage your creativity and practice your English writing skills. You can find a lot of this kind of exercises on the internet regardless of topics that interest you.


  • The books are better than the films.
  • English is the most useful language in the world.
  • Rock music is better than pop music.
  • Music festivals are a great way to spend time.
  • It is better to watch films in cinema than at home.
  • Everybody should know how to cook.

Choose a sentence or write down your own. And then start writing. As much as you can. Why you agree or why you do not. Find advantages and disadvantages of every option, every little thing. Trust me, it is a great way to not only practice English but also learn how to express your personal opinions.


Write a diary. In a notebook, on your computer, create a blog, whatever form is the best for you. Writing a diary helps you to get your head straight but also is a great daily exercise. Depending on how much time you have got during a day you may write few sentences or few pages. The level of commitment depends on you but independently of that, it is a great motivation to practice every single day.


  • What is your oldest memory?
  • What is the most beautiful place you have ever been to?
  • How do you see your future?
  • What is your biggest dream?
  • What is “perfection” for you?
  • How would you spend a day knowing that you will die tomorrow?

Just like in “Argumentative writing” section the point of the exercise is to write as much as possible. Choose a question or think about your own and answer it. Bloviate as much as you want, writing you can even harp on a subject and you do not have to stick to the point of the question all the time, the point of the exercise is to write as much as possible, not to be focused only on the chosen question.

5 Ways to Practice Your Writing Skills
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Think about whatever thing you want to. The Harry Potter series. A doll. A chair. A Donald Trump’s autograph. Whatever! Write the chosen word down and pretend that you want to sell it. How would you convince people to buy it from you?  What description would get attention? Be as creative as possible! You can write it in a formal way or you can treat it playfully. Make boring typical things interesting!


This is it. Now you know the best ways to practice your writing skills. Now all that remains is to go and do it. Remember to let your imagination run wild and have fun doing these exercises! And do not forget to check your mistakes with Grammarly (we were writing about it here) after every exercise!

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