Best Animated Films to Improve Your English

Who does not love animated films? The truth is: even despite the fact that many people keep telling that these movies are silly and only for children, we were all raised on them and think about them with kind of a nostalgia. Whoever have never laughed at Shrek’s Donkey jokes or cried watching Up, cast the first stone! But animated films are not only great entertainment, they also learn us many valuable and important things, among others… language!

Probably most of you were watching these films in your native language, thanks to your lovely dubbings. It is understandable. Who would force themselves or their little kids to watch animated films in a language they don’t even know? But despite what almost all of the parents think it is not a bad idea! It helps you and your children develop your language and achieve level you would never suppose. Also, you should remember that animated films are pretty easy because they were made for kids. There is no place for hard words which make you feel stupid. Just simple, pure pleasure! So let me present you best animation films to improve your English.

Shrek (2001)

Who does not like the story about the big green ogre, the princess, and the lovely Donkey? Shrek is not only a great comedy for the whole family, it also carries many important values we often forget during our fast lives such as how a true friendship looks like and that love is not about how we look, but who we are inside. Shrek is also a kind of a film which everyone knows. I assume many of you could even quote all of the lines! And these are the perfect conditions to watch it in English – you won’t get lost in the plot because you probably perfectly know it, so you can focus on listening to Eddie Murphy’s original jokes and just have fun!


Frozen (2013)

Frozen is one of the most popular animated films during past few years. The story about ice queen afraid of her powers and her beloved sister trying to rescue her will completely conquer your hearts. But it’s not only a wonderful tale, it is also a great material for learning the language. Frozen was one of the first films I have decided to watch in English and, honestly, it was not so hard! The characters use pretty simple words, even compared to others Disney films, so in my opinion, it is one of the films perfect for beginners in the world of English-speaking animated movies.


Finding Nemo (2003)

Once I heard someone describing Finding Nemo as a “film about a man whose wife was brutally killed by a murderer and his son was hurt during the whole situation. Later the son was kidnapped and the father decided to find him with some help from mentally ill woman”. I still consider it funny, but if you haven’t watched it yet, do not worry, it is not that bad how it may sounds! In reality, Finding Nemo is a very friendly, family film, loved by kids and adults for years. It is full of beautiful quotes which stay in your mind long after you finish watching the movie and there is no doubt that you are too focused on following the plot to be worried about not understanding what is happening in the movie – you just know!


The book of life (2014)

I have decided to write about The book of life because it is a truly wonderful animated film, which, unfortunately, many people did not even hear about. Be prepared for a lovely story melting your hearts in the company of an amazing soundtrack! At first sight, the plot seems to be kind of ordinary – because of some incidents three childhood best friends are separated and the only girl from that perfect trio has to leave a town. When boys meet her again a few years later both of them fall in love with her and start to fight for her heart. But even despite the “boring” story as many of you may think, creators made a really good job. It’s a very specific film, even way of animation is different than usual, but after some time you will notice its undeniable charm. It’s a heartwarming, enchanting movie in which you will fall in love really fast. Also, parlance is very clear and easy to understand, so you don’t have to worry about your English level at all.


Brave (2012)

Brave is not so easy as the previous ones. The big difference between these films is that in Brave you can hear something that people having problems with understanding English truly hate – the Scottish accent! But what could we expect if the main heroine is raised in Scotland? Anyway, I think Brave is worth taking on the challenge. The young, independent, rebellious princess with beautiful curly red hair is for sure a character you just need to know! And don’t be scared of the idea of the Scottish accent. The truth is English is still changing, still developing. You will not be lucky enough to always meet only these people who speak perfectly clear, you will also have to deal with the ones who lisp, stutter or use slang. The best way to get used to it is to take small steps – like watching a lovely animated film where are characters with the Scottish accent.


Animated films are the pure gold of this world. Despite the difference of the opinions about them, everyone can admit that these movies are absolutely amazing teachers of life, great entertainment and a big help for every language learner. Like I said at the beginning – almost every country makes their own dubbing for these films so you can watch it in whatever language you want to, but, like we all know, the original is always the best. Just sit, press “play” and have fun!

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