How Internet May Help You Improve Your English

There is no doubt that Internet is a true king of our generation. Some people are absolutely addicted to this new possibility which science gave us not so long ago, but there are still many people who are not able to get used to it. There is no wonder why the difference of opinion is so huge – some people see too many dangers in this new online world, and some of them don’t see them at all. But today I want to focus on the valuable things the Internet is giving us.

Learning languages is fascinating. It gives you a chance to meet new, amazing people and talk to them in their native language, what always makes a good impression, visit other countries without stress caused by a language barrier, and develop your skills and train memory. We’ve never had so many possibilities to do learn as we do these days. The Internet is a real repository of knowledge – you probably can’t even imagine how many ways to learn it offers. Especially when it comes to English.


There is much more great YouTube channels and videos about learning English than you probably suspect. Some of the channels are fully focused on English, some of them just contain single videos with tips for the viewers. You can find materials from all over the world made by native English speakers or its learners. Partly they will be focused on grammar, partly on practical skills. You can see many ways of learning and understanding languages from very different people. The point is: no matter what are you interested in or what bothers you – YouTube can help you find an answer to your problem.
Also don’t forget that content doesn’t have to be about learning English – even watching gameplays or film reviews or whatever you’re interested in may improve your English, because listening to English-speaking YouTuber helps you familiarize yourself with the language just as well.


Sure thing is – all of us love something, no matter is it parachute jumping, gaming or sewing. We have passions, something that makes our eyes sparkle and thinking about it gives us a big smile. Maybe you haven’t thought about it yet, but you should know that having passion is a chance for you to improve your language! There is a great big bunch of blogs, Tumblrs, tips, and videos about your hobby in the English part of the Internet. Looking for these things, reading and listening to them gives you a possibility not only to expand your knowledge and skills about your passion, but it also has got a significant influence on your vocabulary.

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I will probably never stop repeating that watching films is a fantastic way to improve language skills. It helps you develop your listening abilities, gives you a chance to hear how words really sound and how people pronounce them during the real conversation. It’s not the same thing as in English classes in school when you’re forced to listening to artificial, unnatural talk which doesn’t look like a real one at all. It’s not how the world looks like, where people often speak in messy, inaccurate sometimes even incomprehensible way. It will help you get used to hearing the real English with all of its blunders and complexities. And, what’s the best, you can find it all over the Internet.


Everybody loves playing games. Electronic games industry develops really fast and these days you can easily find a game which interests you. Delving into game’s world is a very interesting phenomenon. You are too concentrated on what you’re doing to care about every single English word you don’t understand, so you just start assimilating the whole sentences naturally, like it was your own language, and understand them. If you observe yourself long enough you will notice that the less you focus on understanding English, the more you understand it. Playing games gives you a chance to get into the world where everybody speaks English and just forget about it. The plot is important, not the language. And that’s why you start understanding from the context.


Really. You can’t even imagine how LARGE will be your language improvement, I say it from my own experience. For people who don’t understand – fanfiction is, quoting, “when someone takes either the story or character (or both) of a certain piece of work, whether it be a novel, tv show, movie, etc, and create their own story based on it”. Do you want to read about Harry Potter’s children? Or maybe you’re interested how would the plot of LOTR look like if Frodo was a girl? I think in fanfiction you can find absolutely every version of your favorite stories. You become a bookworm (but addicted to fanfictions) even if you weren’t one before. And reading good fanfictions is like reading good books. You have no idea how fast you get used to it and start understanding stories even without an English dictionary at hand. But remember – read the good ones, they are more grammatically correct and better for learning. You can easily find them on or


As we all know – Internet is full of people. And, let’s be honest, English is a language of the Internet. That’s the way how all of the people around the world communicate right now – using English. So don’t be shy and stop thinking your English isn’t good enough, because that’s not a truth. Non-English speakers understand you because they are in the same situation, and English-speakers are accustomed to people who are not native speakers. They may at most draw your attention to your mistake so you could know what you’re not doing right, but in a nice way, as a help, not insult! Talking to people may not only give you a chance to find new friends, but it also forces you to use language that has a great impact on your skills.

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I hope that you see how many possibilities to improve your English Internet gives you. That’s not only a place where you can watch some funny videos, it’s a true repository of knowledge. So go, find the best way for learning for you and use it the best way possible!



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