How to Write Better English with Grammarly

Let’s face it: we all make mistakes. It doesn’t matter how good of a writer you are or how well you know English, chances are that from time to time you misspell something or use a word that could be replaced by some better equivalent. Mistakes just happen and that’s perfectly normal. But here’s some good news: there’s an app that will help you write 100% correct. Find out how to write better English with Grammarly. Because, quite honestly, the truth is that we all need help sometimes.

You might think “Hey, I already write 100% correct!”. I don’t doubt it, I really don’t. But many mistakes we make are typos, which often can be difficult to spot. What if you simply skip a letter and it changes the sense of a sentence completely? You don’t want that, do you? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that would point all mistakes out for you? Or suggest a better word? There’s always a room for improvement and Grammarly is a perfect tool to help you out with improving your writing.


I bet you could recall a situation when you read a translation so inaccurate that it almost hurt your eyes. You know, one of those things that could easily start a meme. You think it wouldn’t be possible to make such mistakes but then the world doesn’t stop to surprise you, not always in a positive way. One example that comes my mind is something that’s become legendary in Poland – “thank you from the mountain”, which is a literal translation that was supposed to mean “thank you in advance”. Although everyone is eager to laugh at such mistakes, certainly no one would like to be recognized as the author of them. Fortunately, there’s a tool which can save us from that danger.

How to Write Better English with Grammarly - Simply Better English
How to Write Better English with Grammarly – Simply Better English

Imagine another situation: you send a question to an international company and you get a reply full of mistakes on a very basic level. It doesn’t make a good impression. Especially if they write something that isn’t very positive for you. For example: recently, I contacted a hostel and wanted them to return my money since they gave me no chance to use their service. They didn’t agree they should do that and in support of their arguments, they suggested there was an “error” with me if I couldn’t understand their policy. Perhaps, if they had used Grammarly to check their email before sending it to me, they would have avoided that rude tone which only convinced me I should warn everyone I know against staying at their place.


Grammarly is a tool that makes sure that everything you write is mistake-free. It helps you fix not only grammar or spelling errors but also punctuation. What’s more, it suggests the use of words that might be more suitable in a specific context, making your writing more effective. Sounds good, right? The best thing is that Grammarly is very easy to use. After you install it, it will show you the mistakes but, unlike some automatic text correctors, it won’t fix them without your knowledge. It’s always you who has to click to approve the suggestion. I find it very useful because it gives me a full control over whatever I’m writing. It happened to me a couple of times that some other text correctors provided changes that weren’t desired and I didn’t see it, yet, obviously, it was me who had to take the responsibility for them. I don’t have such problems with Grammarly. How convenient!

You might wonder who uses Grammarly. The simplest answer is everyone! It’s a perfect tool for students wanting to make sure their essays will be as good as possible. But it’s also a great app for professionals working in various fields. You don’t want to send to your boss or a client an email with mistakes, even as small as typos, do you? I think we’d all agree it wouldn’t look professional. We don’t want that, let’s make it clear. And that’s exactly why the knowledge how to write better English with Grammarly is essential for everyone.


It’s very simple. First of all, you have to start your profile. It’s free, don’t worry. You’ll be asked to tell what your preferences are: Do you prefer British or American English? Which aspects of your writing should be checked? Should it be contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, style or all of them? Once your profile is ready, you just need to upload your document (or simply copy-paste text) and let Grammarly do the magic. It will underline the mistakes and suggest how to improve them. The only thing you need to do is approve the changes. If you have any questions, Grammarly has provided a whole bunch of answers to the most common questions and a tutorial that explains how to use the tool. You can contact Grammarly as well if the information they provided doesn’t seem sufficient.

Simply Better English - How to Write Better English with Grammarly

There’s also a premium version of Grammarly. Premium users have an access to the tools such as plagiarism checker, customized document types checker, professional proofreading, document statistics and twice as many corrections as standard users. Let me underline that it’s only an option – the basic version is free. If you install the Grammarly plugin for your browser, it will automatically check your emails and other things you write.


So, now when you know how to write better English with Grammarly, it’s time to test it. You don’t risk anything – the only thing that can happen is that you’ll avoid a couple of mistakes. So here’s the challenge: try Grammarly for the next 7 days and tell me how you like it. Did it help you avoid some mistakes? Was it easy to use? I can’t wait to read your opinions!

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